What is home automation?

Home automation is the use of any computer device to control all basic home functions and features automatically and remotely.

This means that your home functions such as lights, surveillance, irrigation, multi room audio and heating/cooling can be controlled using any of your mobile devices. They can be programmed to function automatically for those busy office days or when you’re away on vacation.

This means you can program your home to behave as though you were still home : set a lighting sequence which will deter intruders, set your sprinkler and pool pump to turn off at sunset which will save water, monitor who enters and leaves the premises and close/open your blinds remotely.




Access your digital music library from anywhere in your home this can be through your PC (streaming services/Internet radio), MP3 Player or music server.

Home Theatre

Turn your viewing or gaming area into an audio-visual marvel with powerful yet discreet sound systems & state of the art TVs & projector systems.


Preset which time of the day to brighten or dim the lights in the house using your smart device or control panel.

Networks & Security

At Audio Sync we believe that a home is an ultimate investment for any family. Keeping it protected is paramount. Our CCTV surveillance/intercom components are chosen & installed to compliment your house whether indoors or outdoors, access the internet & surveillance of your home when you need it.

Energy Efficiency

Minimise electricity usage by having preset & remote control access to your irrigation as well as air conditioning/heating.

Invite us in to make your home more secure, energy efficient and beautiful.